Background Screening Services

At Get Me Hired Limited we understand legal and regulatory requirements often require employers to carry out extensive background checks on new employees to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

We provide an easy to use and comprehensive background screening service for all employers.
Given the potential implications and consequences, we all have to be careful when employing new staff and certain background checks need to be made.

Our easy to purchase products ensure compliance with all the necessities and our super quick turn-around time of just 2 working days for most service reports mean unrivalled performance and high quality, detailed insights every time.

No minimum checking volumes apply. Secure payment via PayPal.

Reference and Qualifications Verification

  • Character reference £10
  • Employment history £12.50
  • *Professional memberships £12.50
  • *Qualification verification £12.50

DBS and Criminal Record Checking

  • Basic DBS Disclosure £37.50
  • *Standard DBS Disclosure £55
  • *Enhanced DBS Disclosure £70
  • *These checks are role-specific only

Other Background Screening

  • Passport verification £17.50
  • Sanctions verification £17.50
  • Adverse media verification £17.50
  • Directorship verification £17.50

Credit Checking

  • Employee credit check £17.50


Please note that an employee credit check will not affect your candidate’s credit score or ability to obtain credit with a lender, an imprint is left of the credit file which is visible to the individual only.

Should you require any further assistance, guidance or information on any of these services, please Contact Us and one of our on-hand experts will be there to guide you.

*Some institutions may charge an additional fee